CT150, Condensate Tanks

We manufacture a variety of condensate tanks. Many of our tanks are replacing existing leaking units that were designed without corrosion allowance. We begin with a 1/4-inch minimum thickness on all sizes of condensate receiver and often use 3/8-inch thickness. When buying a system with pumps, motors, or gauges, don’t forget that the tank is an integral part of the system. You can protect your system by buying a tank with corrosion allowance from Midwest Tank Co.
Capacity 150
Length (A) 4′-0″
Diameter 2′-7″
Dim. (C) 2′-1/2″
Dim. (D) 1′-4″
Dim. (E) 8 in
Low Pressure Return (F) 4 in
Dim. (G) 1 in
Dim. (H) 2 in
Hi Pressure Return (I) 1 in
Dim. (J) 1 in
Tank Heater (K) 1 in