Sprinkler Tanks

Design, create, and deliver sprinkler tanks with the Midwest Tank team.

Your Guide For Sprinkler Tanks

Whether it is a gravity tank, suction tank, or pressure vessel, Midwest Tank can build a sprinkler storage tank to meet your job specification. All tanks are built to meet the current edition of ANSI/NFPA 22 specification “Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection.” The interior metal preparation will be an SSPC-SP 10 near-white blast. The exterior metal preparation will be an SSPC-SP 6 commercial blast. These tanks are required to be coated inside and out per specification AWWA D102, “Inside Paint System #1.”

A pressure tank shall be kept two-thirds full of water, with a maintained air pressure of at least 75 PSI by the gauge. The pressure tanks are ASME labeled and hydrostatically tested at 150 PSI.

Buried pressure tanks shall be protected against freezing with installation below the frost line. The end of the tank and at least 18 inches of its shell shall project into the building basement or a pit in the ground, with protection against freezing. The manhole should be accessible and space allowed for inspection and maintenance. Anodes are supplied by Midwest Tank for cathodic protection. Installation of buried tanks should comply with your local Fire Marshall and ANSI/NFPA 22.

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