Cooling Tower Sump Tanks

Design, create, and deliver cooling tower sump tanks with the Midwest Tank team.

Your Guide For Cooling Tower Sump Tanks

When a separate indoor cooling tower sump tank is needed to maintain an adequate water supply for the cooling tower, Midwest Tank Co. has a variety of options available. Every job site has a unique space available for equipment. Midwest Tank Co. makes it easy to specify our tank as we build it specifically for each job. We have produced cooling tower sump tanks that are rectangular, round, and bolt together styles to be assembled in the field. Whether you want a lined cooling tower sump tank or a stainless tank, Midwest Tank Co. has built it. We will provide a model number with a drawing to match your specific need. Specify Midwest Tank Co. as your experienced tank builder.

Many cooling tower manufacturers recommend a separate indoor sump tank large enough to fill the entire recirculation system without danger of pump cavitations. As a general rule, the tank should be sized to hold three times the rate of circulation in gallons per minute (gpm). Every tank should have properly sized openings to include: an inlet, outlet, overflow, drain, manhole, water make up, vent and misc. fittings. It is extremely important that the tank is vented properly and does not carry a water column in the vent pipe causing an additional static head pressure on the vessel. If additional head pressure is a possibility, the additional head pressure should be calculated and built into the design of the tank.

The majority of our cooling tower sump tanks are sandblasted interior to a near white, followed by 7 to 11 mils DFT of epoxy. If the tank has a flat bottom, the exterior bottom of the tank should have a commercial blast followed by a coal tar epoxy, to protect from the condensation. The alternative is that the bottom is supported on a structural skid to get the tank off the floor. Midwest Tank Co. recommends the side wall and top to have a commercial blast followed by a universal primer as a minimum. Finish coating is available.

Options inside the vessel include: an anti-vortex on the suction side, interior baffle, and internal screen.

Note: Rectangular tanks made of steel and epoxy lined require structural support on the outside of the tank. Lined tanks require all welds to be continuous, therefore; interior structural support becomes costly. Stainless steel rectangular tanks may have the structural support on the inside of the tank with staggered fillet welds.

Round cooling tower sump tank options available.

Item # Item Name Interior Exterior
CTSTRE Rectangular Cooling Tower Sump Tank Epoxy Lined Shop Primed