Custom Tanks

Design, create, and deliver custom tanks with the Midwest Tank team.

Your Guide For Custom Tanks

custom tanks 100_0705
Midwest Tank Co. built this tank for the Monticello, Mn nuclear power plant to store parts that were radioactive while they were shut down for maintenace. The dimensions of the vessel are 216″ dia. by 236″ tall. It was built in two sections to accommodate the installation. The quick delivery of this project was essential.
custom tank 077
Midwest Tank Co. built this tank for the United Children’s Hospital for chemical run-off. It is designed to be water tight and does not contain pressure. This is a buried tank with an 8 inch stainless steel pipe that runs parallel th the 24″ dia access way. This picture shows a tank with a commercial blast on the exterior and a near white blast interior. The interior was lined with a Plasite 3066 and baked to the proper temp and time. The exterior was coated with coal tar epoxy.
custom tanks 063
This is a Transporter tank we built in the hydro test stage. The tank is designed for transporting dry goods from one place to another. Midwest tank can build sizes from 24″ to 96″ diameter.
custom tanks 008
This is a Vibration Damper in the process of being built for a coal plant smoke stack.
Midwest Tank built this tank as a replacement for Exxon Moble after a hurricane destored the first one. Its used for Aluminum Chloride. The storagae capacity is 1,524 Cu. Ft.
This is a Vertical Storage Tank that is used for storing Soybean Oil. Its dimensions are 168″ O.D. x 576″ Tall. Midwest Tank can build you storage tanks this size and smaller.