Air Receiver Tanks

Design, create, and deliver vertical and horizontal air receivers with the Midwest Tank team.

Your Guide For Air Receiver Tanks

asme logoAll of our air receiver tanks are built to ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1, and are labeled with the U stamp. Each tank is registered with the National Board and has a National Board Number. Our ASME tanks are accepted in all 50 states. We custom build all of our vessels to meet your job requirements and we excel in larger volumes and specialized applications.

When inquiring, please indicate:

  • Volume
  • Vertical or Horizontal
  • Available space so that we can size the tank accordingly with a diameter and height necessary to meet the volume required and the space available.
  • Size of inlet and outlet
  • Design pressure of the vessel
  • Painting requirements
    • Exterior
    • Interior

To make things easier, please fill out the information on the Air Receiver sketch and send it to us for quoting purposes. Once an order is placed, Midwest Tank Co. will provide a detailed drawing for approval.

air receiver vertical tank
air receiver tank drawing
horizontal air receiver tank
 horizontal air receiver tank drawing
Item # Capacity Inlet Size Outlet Size
AR-100 100 gal 3 in 3 in
AR-250 250 gal 3 in 3 in
AR-500 500 gal 3 in 3 in
AR-650 650 gal 3 in 3 in
AR-750 750 gal 3 in 3 in
AR-1000 1000 gal 3 in 3 in
AR-2000 2000 gal 6 in 6 in
AR-2500 2500 gal 6 in 6 in
AR-3000 3000 gal 6 in 6 in
AR-4000 4000 gal 6 in 6 in
AR-5000 5000 gal 6 in 6 in
AR-6000 6000 gal 6 in 6 in
AR-8000 8000 gal 8 in 8 in
AR-10000 10000 gal 8 in 8 in
AR-12000 12000 gal 8 in 8 in
AR-15000 15000 gal 8 in 8 in
AR-20000 20000 gal 8 in 8 in