HP66168, Hydropneumatic Tanks


Midwest Tank Co. standard tappings for pressure tanks used in hydropneumatic service. The standard interior lining for hydropneumatic tanks is a TNEMEC Series 21 epoxy Pota-Pox with a 7 to 11 mil DFT. This is an NSF approved coating and is used throughout the industry for protection in cold water applications. This coating requires an SSPC-SP 10 near-white blast. All tank exteriors shall be primed. Alternate linings are available. All tanks are ASME labeled and are available in 100, 125, and 150 PSI design pressures.

Other sizes are available upon request. The diameter must be in 6-inch increments. The length of the shell may be manufactured to whatever length is necessary to achieve the desired capacity. Number of openings and sizes may be located on the drawing worksheet. There is no limit on quantity or size of openings. A standard manhole is 12 inches by 16 inches. Other manhole sizes are available

Capacity 2735 gal
Diameter 66 in
Overall Height 196 in
Design Pressure 100 psi
125 psi
150 psi