Inflammable Midwest Waste Trap - A2000 DELUXE

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Inflammable Midwest Waste Trap –


For a superior inflammable waste trap, Midwest Tank offers the Midwest Deluxe Waste Trap. This tank is built of heavy 3/8-inch steel throughout. All interior and exterior seams are continuously welded to prevent holidays in the coating. The cover is 1/2- inch checkered floor plate designed for heavy-duty traffic. The cover is also bolted and gasketed with stainless steel hex head bolts for easy removal, and the bolt holes are counterbored for flush mounting. This tank is coated inside and out with a coal tar epoxy coating (16 mil DFT). The preparation for the coal tar epoxy is an SSPC-SP 10 near-white metal blast. Orientation and elevations of the openings are as job requirements dictate. Each tank is tested at 5 PSI to guarantee a quality product. (Test certificate supplied upon request).

3/8″ Steel Construction.
Interior and Exterior Sandblasted.
Coated with Coal Tar Epoxy System.
35 Cu. Ft. Capacity.

Meets the Minnesota State Plumbing Code for Inflammable Waste Traps.
Welding performed by a qualified welder (a welding operator qualification test record per QW 484 provided upon request).

Capacity 35 cu. ft.
Counterbore Cover Thickness 3/8 in
Counterbore Cover Diameter 23 3/4 in
Pipe Vent Size 3 in
Inlet & Outlet Pipe Size 4 in
Inside Diameter 42 in