Inflammable Midwest Waste Trap - Model A7215

a7215 3 inch waste trap

Inflammable Midwest Waste Trap – Model A7215

Inflammable Waste Trap

Midwest Tank Company is an industry leader in the manufacturing of inflammable waste traps.
Waste Trap is Model No. A7215.

Standard Design

  • 3″ or 4″ inlet and outlet
  • 2″ vent
  • Corrosion resistant Coating applied inside & out
  • 3/8″ checkered floor plate recessed cover (loose)
  • 1/4″ shell and bottom
  • 6 cu. ft. capacity
  • Shop tested with 3 PSI (test certificate supplied upon request)
  • Meets the minimum requirements of 1017.2 Non-Rated Interceptor.
  • Welding performed by a qualified welder (A welding operator
  • qualification test record per QW484 supplied upon request)
  • Cap unused vent
  • Approx. Wt. 360#