Sp 5

Sp 5
  • The following model numbers are the sizes that are typical for Midwest Tank Co. Other sizes are available upon request. All sump basins are coated inside and out with a protective coating. The standard sump basins are made of 3/16-inch steel. Basins with a diameter of 36 inches and larger with have a 1/4-inch cover.
  • The letters SSBC in the model numbers indicate that the madel is a steel sump basin with cover. To order a basin without a cover, delete the C in the model number (example: SSB). The first two numbers in the model number indicate diameter in inches. The last two numbers in the model number indicate depth.
  • Example: SSBC3672 = steel sump basin with cover, 36″ diameter x 72″ deep.
Capacity 5 ton
Diameter 60 in
Overall Height 84 in
Pressure Rating 132 psi
150 psi
Inlet Size 12 in
Outlet Size 2 in
Misc. Couplings 3/4″ – 2″